Rhinebeck-Rheinbach Exchange Program Annual Meeting


The Rhinebeck-Rheinbach Exchange Program offers an opportunity for high school students in our area to spend two weeks with a host family in Germany and see how people in another part of the world live.  Two weeks in Germany can’t be measured in days alone.  Living in another country and performing music in historic venues where masters like Beethoven lived is an experience only dreamed of by most people.  You will only be gone a short while, but the memories will last a lifetime.  In addition to performing while on the Exchange, you’ll spend your days sightseeing, exploring the region of Rheinbach,  with day trips to Bonn and Cologne, visits to medieval castles and walled cities, and a cruise down the scenic Rhine River.  You’ll gain firsthand experience of another culture, learn more about yourself and your country, and make lifelong friends.  The following summer, a German student will live with you for two weeks and participate in daily activities in our region planned by the Exchange.  Students who are currently in 8th through 12th grades who sing or play an instrument are eligible to participate.

The Exchange will travel to Germany in July of 2017.  All Exchange students and adult chaperones participate in our chorus and/or band.  Since its founding in 1978, over 2,000 students and 800 families have participated in the Exchange, sharing their music, culture and friendship.  Come and find out about the Exchange and see if it’s right for you!  Our annual meeting will be held on October 23, 2016 at 7PM in the Rhinebeck High School Auditorium.  For more information, visit www.rhinebeckexchange.org.

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