Letter to the Editor: In Praise of Red Hook Businesses


To the Editor,


Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, Red Hook Public Library was able to host a successful reception for Bard College’s Office for International Students on Hardscrabble Day.


We had a chance to showcase our exceptional community spirit, and encouraged the students to wander the village and view the parade. Hardscrabble is one of the busiest days of the year for our local businesses, but several made time to support our efforts with delicious deliveries, free of charge.


Village Pizza donated and delivered large, hot pizzas as well as tote bags for students to take home. Enchanted Café provided several varieties of truly sensational muffins. Taste Budd’s delivered a tray featuring some of their bestselling pastries and a welcoming note to students. The Rotary also came out in force, with many of their members attending and bringing a donation of hand-baked cookies. The Village of Red Hook’s Deputy Mayor, Brent Kovalchik, made time to join us and talk personally with each of the attending students.


Bard College’s international students had a chance to learn what we’ve always known – Red Hook is an amazing community. We’re fortunate to be able to serve it.




Erica Freudenberger, Director

Dawn Jardine, Assistant Director


Erica Freudenberger
Library Director
Red Hook Public Library
Twitter: @redhooklibrary
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/redhooklibrary

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