Recreation Programs for the 2016/2017 Season Sign-ups on

Community Fitness with Kevin Yarnell
This Program consists of circuit training exercises ranging from stretching/yoga, cardiovascular endurance, and core/back strengthening.
Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30p   Chancellor Livingston School Gym
Session 1- 9/20/16-11/29/16   10 classes/$110  or  Drop-in $11/class
Session 2- 1/3/17- 3/7/17        10 classes/$110  or  Drop in $11/class
Session 3- 3/21/17- 5/3/17      10 classes/$110  or  Drop in $11/class
Community Fitness Student Boot Camp with Kevin Yarnell
This program is offered to Middle School and High School Students. This program consists of a mixture of circuit training exercises with Tabata training, upper/lower body isometric strength building, and plyometrics.
Mondays from 5:30p-6:30p   Chancellor Livingston School
Session 1- 10/17/16 – 12/5/16     8 classes  $88/session or  Drop in $11/class
Session 2-  1/23/17 –  3/27/17      8 classes  $88/session or  Drop in $11/class
Adult Basketball with Patrick Kelly
Tuesday evenings from 7p-9:00p at Bulkeley Middle School Gym
Session 1- 9/20/16- 12/20/16    $40/session
Session 2- 1/3/17- 6/20/17        $40/session
Youth Basketball with Willie Sanchez
Saturdays beginning 10/29/16 till 2/11/17 at Bulkeley Middle School Gym
10 Saturdays at $40/child
Grades 2-3     9:00a- 10:15a
Grades 4-5    10:15a-11:30a
Grades 6-8    11:30a-1p
Grades 9-12  1p-3p
Recreational Volleyball with Jason Browne
Monday evenings from 7:30p -10p at Chancellor Livingston School Gym
Session 1- 9/19/16- 12/19/16    $40/session
Session 2- 1/2/17- 6/19/17        $40/session
Competitive Volleyball with Bob Smith
Monday evenings from 7p-9:30p at Bulkeley Middle School Gym
Session 1- 9/19/16-12/19/16      $40/class
Session 2- 1/2/17- 6/19/17         $40/class