Flex Your Memory to Master Names and Faces



Rhinebeck resident Brent Sverdloff will be teaching “The Art of Remembering Names and Faces” at Red Hook Continuing Education on Monday, September 26.


Says Sverdloff, “We are all in the business of building relationships, and that starts with remembering someone’s name. Getting a name right inspires confidence from the outset and helps others remember you—a powerful advantage in any personal or professional situation.”


In this intensive two-hour workshop, you will learn why we often retain many details about the people we meet but forget their names almost at once. Discover how to assign names to easy-to-grasp categories; then, engage in fun, imagination-based exercises that teach you how to link the name to the face. You will notice results right away in the quality of your interactions. You will also leave understanding why “flexing your memory” is as vital to overall wellness as proper diet, exercise, and rest.


The Art of Remembering Names and Faces

Continuing Education, Red Hook
Monday, September 26, 2016
7:00pm  –  9:00pm
Red Hook Central School, 9 Mill Road, Red Hook, NY

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Registration is now open on the Red Hook Continuing Education web page. Reserve your spot early, as space is limited! Here’s a link to the registration form:
About Brent Sverdloff
A practitioner of trained-memory methods since 1978, Brent has helped countless students and professionals improve their powers of recall. Brent credits these techniques with enabling him to learn multiple languages and hold research library positions at The Getty Center and Harvard University early in his career. Since 2004, he has led memory workshops in San Francisco at the Commonwealth Club, California Academy of Sciences, and City College; Adult Education Centers in Greater Boston; the New York Public Library; and with private clients and businesses elsewhere. Drawing on his recent years as an executive at non-profits such as the Boston Conservatory and BATS Improv, Brent knows how to engage participants with lively interaction. Brent currently lives in the metropolitan New York area and is sought after for private memory coaching and group workshops. His work has garnered him interviews with Forbes magazine, the lifestyle site Refinery29, and television, radio, and print. Learn more at www.flexyourmemory.com.