Notice from RHINEBECK CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT : The Community Facilities Taskforce



The Rhinebeck Central School District Board of Education has identified stewardship of the District’s school buildings and facilities as a major priority this school year and is requesting the assistance of members of the Rhinebeck-area community to determine what action, if any, may be appropriate and prudent in achieving that objective. To that end, the Board of Education will be forming a Community Facilities Taskforce to assist them. All District residents, students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators interested in volunteering to participate are invited to attend the CFT Kick-Off Meeting on Tuesday, September 20th at 7:00 PM in the High School/Middle School Library.  


The Community Facilities Taskforce (CFT) will be charged with assisting the Board of Education with feedback on the prioritization of any/all potential facilities project components addressed in the required Building Conditions Survey (BCS) recently submitted to the State Education Department. The Community Facilities Taskforce will be further charged with reviewing whether the needs, schedule, and costs regarding those items will or will not support the District’s educational programs, with its Mission, Vision, and Core Values as a reference point, and will make recommendations to the Board of Education for its final review and consideration.


Volunteer members of the Community Facilities Taskforce will work with the District’s architects and other construction professionals, as needed. The CFT will begin its work on September 20th, with the goal of presenting its findings to the Board of Education and the community during October 2016. At least 2-3 evening meetings are anticipated from mid-September through early/mid October 2016.  Community Facilities Taskforce members will then act as ambassadors to the community regarding any future facilities project that may be developed as a result of the CFT process.


According to Mr. Joseph Phelan, Superintendent of Schools, “We hope to see strong interest and active participation from community members representing the current needs surrounding a potential facilities project referendum. The discussions will be better balanced, and the end result of this group’s work will be most meaningful, if the diverse voices of the community are well-represented.”
Anyone interested in attending the September 20th Kick-Off Meeting of the Rhinebeck Central School District’s Community Facilities Taskforce, or in participating as a member of the CFT, please contact Christine Belcher, Secretary to the Superintendent, at 871-5520 extension 5522, or via email at  Any questions at this early stage of the process can be addressed to Superintendent Phelan or to members of the Board of Education.

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