“Treasures” OR “What I’ve Found in My Backyard” Call for art

Hasn’t everyone been working in the yard, perhaps weeding, digging, or even just raking leaves and all of a sudden, something unexpected appears?

Perhaps it’s not a Mastodon bone or buried gold coins – though perhaps it is!  Maybe it’s just a piece of old glass or an odd or old piece of metal.

We are asking people to share their discoveries with the community this November.  Morton would like to have a show of people’s finds with an opening reception and art exhibition.

If you don’t feel comfortable bringing the piece for display, you are more than welcome to bring a photograph of said object.  This will be a fun way to see what Rhinecliff’s underground landscape is willing to share.
You will have until November 1st to learn about and display your piece.

This is open to everyone; kids’ finds are welcome!

Please e-mail:  sandy.mortonlibrary[at]gmail.com if you have questions or are interested in participating.


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