Rhinebeck Community Center Developing! Join Us for Discussion and Information Sessions.


Friends, Parents, Community Leaders…. let’s talk COMMUNITY CENTER in Rhinebeck! We have been generously offered a beautiful little building in the middle of Rhinebeck village to “put a toe in the water” this Fall in creating an intergenerational COMMUNITY CENTER there. We are holding public meetings over the next few weeks to gather thoughts, ideas, make plans, seek volunteers, seek funding and generally get the ball rolling! Really exciting effort — and so needed and overdue!

Here’s the short story: The building is the United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 83 East Market Street (cute white building next door to the UMC large red brick church. Across the street from Rhinebeck Town Hall). Our plan is to do TWO days a week this fall and decide in December how to move forward. We are thinking senior citizen gatherings/meetings/programming in the MORNINGS and then AFTER SCHOOL 2:30pm programming for teens & tweens. Options for tuition-based visual arts and theater improv workshops in the discussion. But there will be FREE time right after school for youth to gather and be together before workshops begin at 3:45 or 4:00pm. Programming will be open to the public & non-sectarian (not related to the UMC in any way). All of this is still developing and we are seeking help, support, ideas from everyone in town. Come make this happen!

We are having a series of public meetings on  Sept. 14 and Sept. 21. Morning and evening times on all days. PLEASE COME TO A MEETING and let us know what you think, how you can help/voulnteer, where you think we can find funding, etc. etc.

Here’s a DOODLE calendar link to the meeting schedule. PLEASE sign up on this link so we know how many are coming. We have limited chairs and tables at the moment, so we will need to make arrangements to accommodate the expected attendance.

Sign up for meeting(s):
Just go to a slot, put in your name and check off AS MANY meetings you plan to attend. Then click SAVE. You can also add a COMMENT at the bottom BEFORE you click Save. AND — if you have seen the info, want to leave a comment, but CANNOT ATTEND — please fill in your name, and leave a comment & click “cannot attend” then click SAVE. I need to know this info is being seen and responded to! Thanks. (Should your schedule change, you can return to the link and make changes/add comments — just use the edit “pencil” next to our name — click “save”.)

THANK YOU — see you there.

Pat Sexton – ENTA – Education Network for Teachers & Artists

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