The 9th annual Art Studio Views is a free, self-guided tour designed to promote the artwork and talents of local artists in Northern Dutchess & Southern Columbia counties, along the Route 9 & 9G corridor. Twenty-seven artists from Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Tivoli, and Germantown will open their studios to the public, share their creative environments, and help visitors understand the inspiration that drives their passions.

Spearheaded by the artists themselves, Art Studio Views is supported by local sponsors who, through their generous support, enable artists to host this open studio event. Please support the businesess that support the Arts!


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 Tell us a little about your work – your style and philosophy


I have over 35 years of stained glass art experience.  My primary focus for all projects in the studio it to provide old world skill and craftsmanship combined with contemporary advances in technology, tools and materials to achieve a 21st century hand-crafted glass art piece that can be in the realm of stained, leaded, or fused glass or a combination of all of them.


Mastery of the basic core skills of this ancient craft allows for faithful restoration and reproduction work when needed, but is also the basis to try new concepts, techniques and materials when a commission or project presents itself.  Creating works of art in the traditional method, and thinking outside the box, using a traditional art form with a new approach leads to a contemporary application for my glasswork.


My studio, DC  STUDIOS LLC, provides a menu of stained glass art and restoration services for my clients, both residential and commercial alike.  In addition I lecture on stained glass restoration as well as offering consultation services and analysis studies to provide Condition Reports on the care, maintenance and repair/restoration recommendations of historic stained glass.


The personalized service, unique designs, expert craftsmanship for new work and restoration/repair services are the foundations of my passion for stained glass.  Collaborating with my clients or other artists brings an intimacy to the works being created.   There is always something new, or old for that matter, being worked on in the studio.


What excites you about your art media – what keeps you interested?


Stained Glass provides a dynamic alternative to accent ones environment, due to its ever-changing color effects on a room.  Activated by sunlight or subdued by dimming light at the end of the day, the vibrant colors will appear jewel-like, dancing on the walls or spread across a room.  Throughout the year, outside weather conditions and the different types of seasonal daylight will bring stained glass windows to life.  Towards dusk, dark colors will become subdued.  As daylight diminishes, the more delicate colors come forward sending those deeper color tones into the background.  Artificial light within a room also affects the glass – creating a beautiful warm glow to all who admire your house and windows from the outside.  The ever-changing nature of light and color is something that cannot be achieved with fabric or paint.  It’s a living medium that can be affected by its natural surroundings and create different effects or moods for the viewer.  And the glass is beautiful in its own right as I look thru the robust colors in my studio to plan for how that particular piece of glass might be used.


What do you hope viewers come away with after seeing your work on the studio tour


As one of the founding artists for this wonderful tour, I hope many visitors take advantage of this opportunity to actually meet and speak with the artists in their own space. See how they work. Ask questions about how our wonderful Hudson Valley Area inspires them. Engage in a dialog to learn how certain works of art are actually made and see many in production. Having a more intimate relationship with the artists make the work they purchase more important.  And when something is commissioned, it is personal, there is a story behind it, and the piece becomes much more meaningful.  At some studios there will be demonstrations of how the artwork is made.  Not only will be inspirational, but it will also be educational.   The artists need to create art. We want the art studio visitors to appreciate what we, the artists, do and purchase the works directly from the artists themselves.  In my case, I hope they contact me for something custom made for their home, or to carefully restore or fix one of their stained glass treasures that might have been handed down to them from a family member.

At the end of the day, it will have been an exciting weekend for all – visiting the studios, and meeting new art lovers.


136 East Camp Road, Germantown, NY  12526