The 9th annual Art Studio Views is a free, self-guided tour designed to promote the artwork and talents of local artists in Northern Dutchess & Southern Columbia counties, along the Route 9 & 9G corridor. Twenty-seven artists from Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Tivoli, and Germantown will open their studios to the public, share their creative environments, and help visitors understand the inspiration that drives their passions.

Spearheaded by the artists themselves, Art Studio Views is supported by local sponsors who, through their generous support, enable artists to host this open studio event. Please support the businesess that support the Arts!


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I am a Finnish born artist and painter. Fine arts have always been near and dear to my heart. I always felt drawn to painting. Mixing the paint, and seeing the colors on canvas I believe I can make something beautiful that can touch the emotions.

My medium is acrylic painting, but as a painter and set builder there are no limits to use latex paint, plaster, or sand to create texture and atmosphere in the paintings.

Most important is the feeling you get when you look at the paintings. I feel that it is important to capture the atmosphere and the emotions and healing in every piece I make.

To see the inner peace coming to life in the canvas brings me the passion for painting. I feel I am spiritually guided to create art that has healing ability.

Like chakras, many of my paintings have chakras in them. It is great tool for people to have for reminding them how important it is to have healing in every aspect in our lives.

I get my ideas from meditation and spiritual guidance. Mostly the ideas just come through me to the canvas.

I am also a reiki master, an empath, and intuitive. That all gives me the access to tap into the energy field of suffering and stress people feel in their everyday lives, and I can feel how important it is to everybody to take a moment and just breathe and relax, and feel safe and ease. Like Reiki energy comes through me, the paintings come through me like something I was called to do.

I find combining art and reiki to be a really interesting way to bring the message for inner peace to the people who are seeking relief from their hectic life styles.


It is so wonderful to see people’s reactions about the paintings, and hear them say how they are really feeling the energy and the peace coming through from my art.

We need so much healing and peace in today’s world. If my art can give that I truly feel I have complete some of my mission here. That is what keeps me going back to my studio to create more art. I hope people who come to my studio can feel the energy and the inner peace through my paintings and they can have their moment of serenity.


12 Waters Edge Road

Poughkeepsie NY 12601