Speak up for the river: Don’t let the Hudson become an oil barge parking lot


Photo Credit M. Salamone/ Carrick Photography


RIVERKEEPER Proposed Hudson River anchorage grounds:
Get informed and speak up for the river

The U.S. Coast Guard is soliciting comments and concerns from the public on a proposal to establish a large number of anchorage grounds for commercial vessels in the Hudson River – 30 berths in 10 locations from Yonkers to Kingston – at the request of industry.

These anchorages could permanently affect the Hudson as we know it. 

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The environmental concerns, detailed in this post, fall into three categories: bright lighting and engine noise from certain barges; “scarring” of the river bottom by anchors and anchor chains, and the re-industrialization of the Hudson Valley – specifically, the threat presented by crude oil to the river and our communities.

Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Captain John Lipscomb says:

“We appreciate that the Coast Guard has brought this request by industry to the public for comment. In my patrols, spanning over 15 years, we very rarely see even a half-dozen commercial vessels anchored between the George Washington Bridge and Albany. Now industry is asking for 30 berths in ten different areas of the Hudson River Estuary. What is driving this? If it is, as industry has stated, an anticipated, enormous increase in crude oil transport south from Albany, we must oppose this anchorage request. We will oppose any effort to increase the volume of crude oil moving on the Hudson. It has been demonstrated in numerous accidents already that crude oil, if spilled, cannot be recovered from a moving river. The Hudson River will not become Galveston.”

“The Hudson has given enough to industry. We will not repeat the past. The appreciation of the Hudson as a living body, and as vital to the quality of life in all our communities, is much, much stronger today than ever before – and rising.

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