Letter to the editor -Forum: Stop Dangerous/Noisy/Toxic/Polluting Frack Oil Barges Near Rhinecliff(!)

Daily Freeman’s Bill Kemble June 30th: “The tanker Aphrodite [above] is shown in an undated photo. John Lipscomb, of the group Riverkeeper, says the Aphrodite carries 8 million gallons of crude oil on the Hudson River once every eight to 10 days.”
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Please join in Weds. (Aug. 10th) at 5:30 pm at Rhinebeck Town Hall (80 East Market St. 12572)– for a special forum I’ll be hosting then/there about the recently ramped-up threat of dangerously noisy/polluting frack-oil barges (already for years now) docking near Rhinecliff– and the Coast Guard’s ill-conceived, misbegotten, and ill-advised proposal to firmly establish literally ten anchorage locations in our region on the Hudson River for commercial tankers and tugboats!
Thx much to Rhinecliff’s Carolyn Marks Blackwood for reaching out to me originally and asking me to get involved on this issue– also to Rhinebeck Town Supervisor Elizabeth Spinzia for her efforts on this– and esp. to Steve Hutkins of http://www.Rhinecliff.org !
[thx also to Rhinecliff’s Frances Sandiford for reminding me of importance of this issue; Riverkeeper too: http://www.riverkeeper.org/campaigns/river-ecology/crude-oil-transport/ ]
Note– be sure to tune into my show this coming Saturday morning 8-11 am on WHVW.com 950 AM– Steve Hutkins (who is a far bigger expert on this issue than I am) will be my guest starting at 9 am– so tune in!…(CMB will also be at Aug. 10th forum too).
Don’t forget folks– fact of the matter is that 2013 Cornell/Stanford report proved beyond shadow of doubt that 100-percent fossil-fuel-free future IS viable possibility for us right here in NYS– no need at all whatsoever for ANY frack oil/gas/nuke fossil fuels or this nonsense of destroying quiet hamlet of Rhinecliff or our river…
The truth is that going fossil-fuel-free would actually SAVE $36 billion annually (and 4000 lives a year)– just for us here in New York State!…(too bad GOP-led Co. Leg. majority never allowed on to agenda my 2013 resolution for our own county government here in Dutchess to facilitate local move to fossil-free future– even tho over the past few years County Legislators Micki Strawinski, Francena Amparo, Barbara Jeter-Jackson, Debra Blalock, and Rich Perkins– yet another Dem caucus resolution kept off Co. Leg. agenda: