Rhinebeck Soccer League

Did you know you can now sponsor a soccer player – Travel or Recreation? Every year we give financial scholarships to local families so they can play the beautiful game with us.

YOU make these scholarships possible through your generous donations and sponsorships.

Sponsor a Player is one of 7 sponsor opportunities available to the Rhinebeck-area community, to help bring joy, fun and fitness to local families. Our Team sponsorships are closing up fast, and there arestill lots of opportunities to Sponsor a Player, become a Small Business sponsor, or even a Family Sponsor.

Your support today is needed, and deeply appreciated

FOR MORE INFO: https://squareup.com/store/rhinebeck-soccer-league/

 The Rhinebeck Soccer League is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing youth of the Town if Rhinebeck, and neighboring areas, an opportunity to play soccer, have fun, and learn principles of good sportsmanship, fitness, honesty, and teamwork.