The 9th annual Art Studio Views is a free, self-guided tour designed to promote the artwork and talents of local artists in Northern Dutchess & Southern Columbia counties, along the Route 9 & 9G corridor. Twenty-seven artists from Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Tivoli, and Germantown will open their studios to the public, share their creative environments, and help visitors understand the inspiration that drives their passions.

Spearheaded by the artists themselves, Art Studio Views is supported by local sponsors who, through their generous support, enable artists to host this open studio event. Please support the businesess that support the Arts!


Check it all out at:


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I work in several media, photography, murals, sculpture, artist books  public art and I am also an independent curator. My photography usually combines several kinds of materials incorporated with the photographs such as illumination, hand-painting, photo- sculpture etc. For several decades I have been documenting with color film and digital photography in series of walls, murals, graffiti and street art from numerous countries and cities from around the world, such as Italy, Cuba, Berlin, China, San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, Jersey City, and others. Many works incorporate my street photos with hand painted sections directly on top of the color prints. I have several books of these different series of murals and street art works.

What excites me: I like to travel and discover what people do to their urban walls and architecture. I like to record what I see for its own worth and also as inspiration for my own work later on. I tend to compile my images into book form as finished books and as source material. For example recently I was the photographer for the composer Joseph Bertolozzi who makes music by pounding, tapping, scraping monumental structures for example bridges and recently the Eiffel tower. I documented the two- week process of Joseph recording over 10,000 sounds from which he composed 10 songs made into a CD. I made a book entitled Tower Music that is a companion piece to the CD. Tower Music was a once in a life- time experience and was excited to be part of it.

I enjoy learning that people who view my artworks either experience something new in that they have never seen anything like it before, or they may learn something about a foreign culture through my images and they get a chuckle or even cringe. The most enjoyable experience for me and to viewers are when they see my murals, outdoors, bigger than life, bright colorful and fresh. Murals become part of the physical landscape and last for decades and so they have a longer shelf life than artworks seen in a gallery of museum exhibit. I find mural painting the most gratifying. They affect people from all walks of life, not just art fans who only go to galleries. Public art is for everyone and that is a good thing. They create landmarks and can have a positive affect on a community, neighborhood or even an entire city.

F_Palaia_1_JR Old Woman.JPG

120 Old Albany Post Rd

Rhinebeck, NY 12572

cell- 845-505-3123

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