Letter to the Editor: Vote for Andrew Heaney in the June 28th Republican Primary Election


Let’s return our federal government to what was envisioned by the founders. A government comprised of citizen representatives, not professional office holders either indebted to the global elite power brokers or compromised by their own personal failings.

The Republican primary election this Tuesday, June 28, 2016 affords us the opportunity to elect a replacement for the 19th congressional seat being vacated by our popular Republican congressman Chris Gibson. Mr. Gibson is honoring his commitment to serve only three terms.

Andrew Heaney, a small businessman living in Millbrook, is an excellent choice to replace Gibson. Mr. Heaney has not previously held public office and is an “outsider” as was Chris Gibson when he first ran for congress. If elected he too vows to serve no more than three terms. He also vows to do “the right thing” instead of the expedient thing even if it might cost him his seat.

As a small businessman, Heaney understands how the obstacles and burdens imposed by government regulations stifle small business creation and growth. Being a problem solver, not a problem creator, he knows what can be done to unleash our country’s much needed entrepreneurial spirit.

Republicans, please join us in supporting Andrew Heaney by voting for him on this Tuesday. Polls are open from noon to 9:00 pm.

View a Sample Ballot:

Brenda Klaproth
Paul Niedercorn

Rhinebeck, NY


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