“Treasures in Your Own Back Yard”

Hasn’t everyone been working in the yard, perhaps weeding, digging, or even just raking leaves and all of a sudden, something unexpected appears?

Perhaps it’s not a Mastodon bone or buried gold coins – though perhaps it is!
Maybe it’s just a piece of old glass or an odd or old piece of metal.
No matter what, it’s pretty neat to find the unexpected.

We are asking people to share their discoveries with the community.  No, we are not advocating digging up your whole yard, though if you need an excuse . . .

Maybe you already have something special that you have found.  If you are like us, sometimes oddities just appear to have worked their way up to the surface.

This November, Morton would like to have a show of people’s finds
with an opening reception and art exhibition.

If you don’t feel comfortable bringing the piece for display, you are more than welcome to bring a photograph of said object.  This will be a fun way to see what Rhinecliff’s underground landscape is willing to share.

Start now while the ground is soft and you are gardening, and then you will have until November 1st to learn about and display your piece.

Please keep us apprised of your discoveries and we will share some early glimpses to keep everyone else inspired.  This is open to everyone; kids’ finds are welcome!
Please e-mail:   if you have questions. sandy.mortonlibrary@gmail.com