Letter to the Editor : Vote for Zephyr Teachout in the June 28th Democratic Primary Election



Every once in awhile we have the opportunity to send someone to Washington who can and will really make a difference representing the residents of the Hudson Valley.  We have had the good fortune to do just that with former Representative, now Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  And we can do that again by electing Zephyr Teachout as our Representative for Congressional District 19.


This gerrymandered district was actually created by the majority in the State Senate – another body crying out for change – specifically to make it harder for Democrats to win.  But with the retirement of Chris Gibson this becomes an open seat this year, and one that is actually very competitive for Democrats.  Zephyr Teachout carried this district when she challenged Andrew Cuomo in a gubernatorial primary, earning wide recognition and appreciation for taking on the status quo.  This is important, because the geography of the district makes it difficult to cover with media messages.  But mailings and door-to-door legwork can carry the day.


Beyond Zephyr’s high profile, however, is the serious passion that drives her.  She is a recognized authority on the corrosive effect of money in politics, and has been widely published faulting the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.  Having grown up on a farm in rural Vermont just east of CD19, Zephyr understands the critical importance of clean water to agriculture and our health, and recognizes its value as a resource for energy generation in our upstate region.  With two parents in the education field, Zephyr knows we’ve lost our way in putting testing in the way of meaningful teaching.  And Zephyr has a remarkable track record of working with a broad spectrum of people and interests to achieve positive change.


As many Republicans recoil from their own party’s apparent Presidential nominee, much of their money will be spent to hold onto the House and Senate.  That means even more expensive races down the ballot, including here.  But to take on and beat John Faso, her most likely Republican opponent, Zephyr first needs to win the Democratic primary election on. June 28th,Her Democratic challenger is a promising political newcomer with some fine credentials of his own, but it will require high visibility and a strong campaign effort to take this seat back for the Democrats.  Zephyr has already shown she has what’s needed to win this district.


Join me in voting for Zephyr Teachout to be our Democratic candidate for Congress on .  June 28th, Polls will be open from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm.  Only a fraction of eligible voters turn out to vote in primary elections, so your vote will make all the difference.


Warren Smith

Rhinebeck, New York