Please join Winnakee Land Trust and Hyde Park Trails for a Guided walking tour of the Winnakee Nature Preserve

Saturday June 25th 9:30 to 11:30 am
The purpose of this walking tour is to help familiarize you with the preserve and Winnakee Land Trust as well as to organize a Friends of Winnakee Nature Preserve group. The Friends of Winnakee Nature Preserve will partner with Winnakee and the Hyde Park Trail Committee to benefit the preserve in various ways, such as conducting fundraising efforts, providing volunteer services, performing trail maintenance, assisting with resource management and preservation, and being the eyes and ears of the preserve. Winnakee’s other park, Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill currently has a friends group, which has been wonderfully successful at making Burger Hill the beautiful destination that it is!
Winnakee Nature Preserve conserves part of the estate of Colonel Archibald Rogers, a neighbor and close friend of the Roosevelt family. The historic culverts, canals, and trails within are artifacts of Rogers’ 19th-century innovations in forest management. Some of the trees on the tour date from this period, while others are recent introductions. This arboretum is an opportunity to slow down and notice details that speak to us about the ever-changing world of the forest. The nature preserve consists of 105 acres with extensive public hiking trails, protected forever by Winnakee Land Trust.
Please join us to learn about all that Winnakee Nature Preserve has to offer and how you can help to preserve and protect this wonderful public natural resource!
Please RSVP to Tierney Rosenstock at landprojects@winnakee.orgor call (845)876-4213 ext. 3
Hope to see you there!

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