Walk History, Make Memories this Summer.

From Violets to Pirates; The Dutch to Duchesses….Rhinebeck Tour Company offers an exciting, interactive historical one-hour walking tour of Rhinebeck.

www.RhinebeckTourCompany.Com TOUR2

George Washington, Chelsea Clinton, Alexander Hamilton, David Bowie ….Rhinebeck is notable among the notable with stories full to tell.  With a history dating back over 300 years, Rhinebeck Tour Company will take you on a fun-paced, lively tour that will educate and enlighten you on one of America’s most beautiful small towns.

With support from The Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce, tours launch Memorial Day Weekend. Saturdays 11am and 2pm at The Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Cottage on Mill Street; across from M & T Bank.  Purchase tickets 1/2 hour prior to each tour time or online to secure a spot! www.rhinebecktourcompany.com  Private parties, Wedding parties welcomed.

Special Scavenger Hunt for Kids sponsored by Samuel’s Sweet Shop!

Visit www.facebook.com/Rhinebeck-Tour-Company to learn interesting historical facts about Rhinebeck daily.

30% of profits with use of Promo:KIDS will be donated back to Rhinebeck PTSO

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