Missing Mother’s Workshop

                A one-day workshop exploring the loss and regaining of wholeness for women who have lost their mothers will be given on Sunday, June 5th at Izlind Integrative Wellness Center in Rhinebeck from 10-6PM.  Judith Garten, M.A., and Alexandre Geiger LCSW-R, trained facilitators and motherless daughters themselves, are offering this deep exploration to meet this very specific need and journey.
                 The Missing Mothers workshop comes on the heels of Mother’s Day an extremely difficult time for women with this kind of deprivation.  Garten and Geiger say “this is one of the hardest things in life to bare.  We lose mothers in many ways: through death, through illness, through neglect through abuse, and by addiction and divorce.  Each has its own particular signature of suffering. The ache stays with us for along time.”
                 Having had first hand experience of this kind of rupture, the facilitators feel it is possible to heal and actually thrive.  They declare that this sacred wound can be transformed into a shining jewel.  It can even lead to a spiritual awakening. They quote, Dostoyevsky, ” The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer to God.”
                  They help people move gently into their pain and use that opening as a doorway to finding each women’s real needs today.  They also teach the importance of learning how to nurture the self as well as giving to others what you did not receive.
                  For more information and to register, contact: Judith Garten at 914.388.5023.

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