Yoga for Amputees: Finding Wholeness after Limb Loss: A Guide for Yoga Students and Teachers by Marsha T. Danzig

Rhinebeck, New York (March 22, 2016): Monkfish Book Publishing Company is proud to announce the forthcoming book Yoga for Amputees: Finding Wholeness after Limb Loss: A Guide for Yoga Students and Teachers by Marsha T. Danzig, the nation’s first certified amputee yoga teacher. The book is slated for publication in March 2017, and will feature photographs by renowned assignment photographer Roy Gumpel.

Ms. Danzig, who lost her lower leg to cancer as a teenager, has been teaching yoga to amputees for nearly two decades. Her trademarked system, Yoga for Amputees®, offers videos, trainings for amputees, and clinical certification for yoga teachers and therapists. “I have dedicated myself to helping people to reawaken their joy and well-being through the healing power of yoga,” says Ms. Danzig. “I have been fortunate to work with students from all walks of life, from war veterans to children with extreme physical and mental challenges.”
The Amputee Coalition of America estimates that there are 185,000 new lower-extremity amputations each year within the United States alone. The estimated population of American amputees is 2 million, and the Amputee Coalition projects that the amputee population will nearly double to 3.6 million by the year 2050. For those living with limb loss, the main causes are vascular disease (54%), including diabetes and peripheral arterial disease; trauma (45%); and cancer (less than 2%).

Ms. Danzig, who is based in Ohio, will be traveling to New York State’s Hudson Valley to offer a yoga class for amputees on Saturday April 2, 2016, at Woodstock Yoga Center (6 Deming Street, Woodstock, New York). The class will be offered free of charge to all types of amputees, including below-knee, above-knee, upper-extremity, and double amputees. Yoga teachers and therapists who are interested in learning to assist amputees are also welcome to attend the class.

Amputees and yoga teachers who wish to sign up to attend the class or would like more information about the forthcoming book should contact publisher Paul Cohen at Monkfish Book Publishing Company at 845-876-4861, or


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