“The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories”

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
will open a new special exhibition,
“The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories”
April 1, 2016 (through April 30, 2016)
in the William J. vanden Heuvel Gallery
of the FDR Presidential Library and Museum
Regular hours and admission fees apply

HYDE PARK, NY — The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum will open a new special exhibition, “The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories,” on Friday, April 1, 2016. This temporary exhibit presents 22 diverse artworks selected from the Roosevelts’ large collection, now part of the Roosevelt Library and Museum’s permanent holdings.Included in the exhibit, are several contemporary paintings by artist and Roosevelt great-granddaughter, Laura Roosevelt. “The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories” will be on display in the William J. vanden Heuvel Gallery in the FDR Presidential Library from April 1 through April 30, 2016. Regular Library and Museum hours and admission apply.

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt owned and enjoyed a wide variety of art. They filled the walls of their homes in Hyde Park, New York City, Warm Springs, and Washington, D.C. with paintings, prints, and drawings.

“The Roosevelts’ Art: Personal Stories” presents artworks selected from the Roosevelts’ personal collection. Each has a story — a connection to Franklin or Eleanor. Some provide windows into friendships, family bonds, or political relationships. Others reveal intellectual interests or cast light on dramatic moments. Still others offer only hints about their deeper meaning to their owner — mere glimpses into a private world. They are open to multiple interpretations — and are interesting for that reason. Together, these artworks offer us a different way to encounter the Roosevelts — one that can yield new insights into the many sides of these two complex individuals.

Laura Roosevelt grew up in Dallas, Texas, and began drawing and painting as a young girl. She realized that she had a love for art while looking at pictures of the Italian Renaissance masters paintings. She was inspired by the stories behind the images and fascinated by the artist lives. Unlike writing and reading which were challenging to her because of dyslexia, paintings to her were orderly. A graduate of Denison University with degrees in Studio Art and Art History, Roosevelt also holds a Master’s degree from NYU. As an artist, she is known for her layering technique, which leads the observer deeper into the piece and into one’s subconscious. For Roosevelt, the combination of luminous color and the buildup of textures is reflective of the complexity of our human condition. Her work is exhibited in Connecticut, New York and Texas and can be found in private collections throughout the United States.

Please contact Cliff Laube at (845) 486-7745 or email clifford.laube@nara.gov with questions about the exhibit.


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