Landsman Kill Stocking Club Fishing Contest 2016


58th Annual

Landsman Kill Stocking Club

Fishing Contest

The fishing contest is open to all Rhinebeck School District children ages 3 to under 16.  There is no cost to enter.  Please register to receive a tag and rules for the contest.

March 1st – Ongoing registration begins at the Convenience Corner (Village Mobil). Visit the

                    store during normal business hours through the month of March.

April 2ndSTOCKING DAY12 noon at Rhinebeck High School

                  Late registration is available from 11am – 12 noon

                  Bring your own plastic bucket.  A parade of trucks will carry anglers with their

                  buckets to place 1,000 trout at stocking points along the Landsman Kill stream.

April 3rd6am Kick off breakfast at the American Legion Hall

                 7am Contest begins after the breakfast.  No fishing before 7am.

The mission of the stocking club is to help foster a love of the outdoors by encouraging the life- long sport of fishing.

This announcement is being distributed by the Rhinebeck Central School District as a community service to students and parents for informational purposes only. This program is not affiliated with nor endorsed in any way by the Rhinebeck

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