Letter to the Editor : Endorsement of Rhinebeck candidates


The Village of Rhinebeck is in the process of selecting the best Trustee candidates; Gary Bassett, Ric Lewit and Gina Fox comprise a slate of qualified people that are committed to Rhinebeck and to a bright future for its people.


Gary Bassett, current Village Trustee, volunteer fireman and EMT, has extensive knowledge of business and government. Gary believes in forging a closer connection between the Village Board and the public.


Ric Lewit, a local small business owner, is experienced in developing solutions to challenging situations and is committed to improving government efficiency.  Ric knows that while the Village confronts new fiscal restraints, the character of the Village must still be preserved.  


Gina Fox, a former Town Board member, has a record of preserving municipal services during times of fiscal austerity.  Gina wants to preserve the village character and improve communication and cooperation between the Village and Town governments.


All three want to improve the Village’s sidewalks, streets and failing water infrastructure while keeping taxes beneath the cap. They will provide quality services to the residents, will be responsible for their decisions, and will exercise good fiscal responsibility.  They will listen to the needs of the people of Rhinebeck before acting.  They will maintain the unique character of the village.


With skill, passion, and determination for a better future, they will best represent the residents of Rhinebeck.  Building your community and building the future depends on electing these strong candidates.  I whole-heartedly endorse them to serve on the next Village Board.


Terry Gipson

Former Rhinebeck Village Trustee & NY State Senator


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