As a former elected official who served the village of Rhinebeck for many years, I want to express my support for the Rhinebeck Together ticket for the Board of Trustees – Scott Cruikshank, Sean Kemp, and Sheri Monaco.

Most people are unaware of just how important it is to be able to manage all of the components of large-scale projects while serving on behalf of our taxpayers, and how every decision that is made can have impact on financial health for our village, quality of life for our residents, and our ability to preserve everything that makes Rhinebeck unique while exploring new ways to conduct business as we grow and our needs change. In my own roles as trustee, mayor, and highway superintendent, I realized that everyone who was involved in the decisions behind extensive water and sewer treatment programs, highway projects, and general infrastructure initiatives absolutely needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the many aspects of these efforts.

From bidding and managing to navigating legal matters and insurance, the Rhinebeck Together team has very specific, direct professional experience that is essential to the activities and responsibilities of our board of trustees. Each candidate brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, and I am confident that they are the right choice for the job.

I encourage everyone to make the responsible choice by voting for Rhinebeck Together on March 15th.