February, 2016


It is my great pleasure to formally endorse the candidates representing this year’s Rhinebeck Together party, Scott Cruikshank, Sean M. Kemp, Esq., and Sheri Monaco, all seeking election as trustees for the Village of Rhinebeck.


Their platform embodies the high standards and visionary goals that the historic village of Rhinebeck deserves from its trustees. Beyond that, the candidates themselves demonstrate a commitment to collaboration that will no doubt inspire their neighbors in Rhinebeck, as well as other citizens and community leaders throughout the region. The name of their ticket, “Rhinebeck Together”, reflects what leadership is all about: engaging everyone in discussion about issues in order to serve the best interests of the village.


As Rhinebeck grows in popularity, it is critically important that the village board of trustees is comprised of people who have relevant professional backgrounds, exceptional communication and leadership skills, a proven track record of success, and a heartfelt desire to represent the collective needs of their fellow village residents. Scott Cruikshank, Sean Kemp, and Sheri Monaco meet all of those criteria, and are clearly the right choice for Rhinebeck.


Please mark your calendar for the March 15th election, and vote for “Rhinebeck Together”.



Sue Serino (R, C, IP)

New York State Senator, 41st District


Letter of Endorsement for “Rhinebeck Together” from County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro


To the Residents of the Village of Rhinebeck:

It is a great honor and privilege to publicly endorse Scott Cruikshank, Sean M. Kemp, Esq., and Sheri Monaco for the Village of Rhinebeck Board of Trustees, running on the independent “Rhinebeck Together” ticket.


They bring intelligence, good judgment, integrity, and tremendous expertise to everything they do, and I am confident that they will provide the extraordinary leadership needed to position the Village of Rhinebeck for a strong, vibrant future.


Incumbents Scott Cruikshank and Sean Kemp have already worked tirelessly in their roles as Trustees, delivering exceptional results as they have developed and managed complex infrastructure projects, promoted fiscal responsibility, streamlined operations, resolved inefficiencies, and supported projects that enhance quality of life. Along with candidate Sheri Monaco, I know that they will continue to take extremely good care of the village that our locals and tourists treasure.


I am especially moved by their message of collaboration, exemplified in their deliberate philosophical decision to build a campaign around the word “together”, a concept I value deeply as well. They understand the importance of working cooperatively with their neighbors, other elected officials, local businesses, and nearby organizations to ensure that they are representing the collective needs, wants, and best interests of their village. Rhinebeck will no doubt continue to flourish with their leadership.


I strongly encourage Village of Rhinebeck voters to support the Rhinebeck Together ticket on Tuesday, March 15th. I can say with confidence and enthusiasm that a vote for Scott Cruikshank, Sean M. Kemp, Esq., and Sheri Monaco is, indeed, a vote for Rhinebeck.




Marcus J. Molinaro

Dutchess County Executive