Letter to the editor: Partisan Politics in Rhinebeck

Dear Editor,
It seems that there is a new political party in Rhinebeck with the optimistic-sounding name “Rhinebeck Together.” However, the “Rhinebeck Together” Party is composed of three candidates endorsed by the Republican Party and no one else outside their circle of supporters.

In fact, their activities are funded in part by the Republican party.

The “Rhinebeck Together” candidates claim to want take “partisan politics” out of village government and by extension the Trustee election. Their only problem: there never were partisan politics in this local race.

We have campaigned together extensively. We focus on Rhinebeck’s issues and always say that everyone running has the village’s interest at heart. We stand by that statement.

In this election, the GOP candidates simply declared themselves non-partisan and created a pop-up party with which to blur their ties. Truly nonpartisan elections occur when candidates run on their own merits rather than as members of a political party and no political affiliation appears on the ballot. That is not the case here in Rhinebeck. The trio is appearing on the Republican line on the ballot as well as their new party.

The truth is that despite years in office they have done little to reach across the aisle, either within the village or town. Slapping a new name on the Rhinebeck GOP’s candidates will not change that.

Rhinebeck is facing some crucial issues in the coming years. We need unified, proactive governance to face these challenges and not more business as usual.

Gary Bassett, Ric Lewit. Gina Fox
Democratic Candidates for Rhinebeck Village Trustee


Gary Bassett

6 Somers Dr., Rhinebeck, NY 12572


Gina Fox

9 Manor Rd, Rhinebeck, NY 12572



Ric Lewit

39 Lorraine Dr., Rhinebeck, NY 12572



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