Central Hudson scam alert

Central Hudson

A very deceptive, new billing scam is being perpetrated now in the Hudson Valley that uses a recording of Central Hudson’s actual automated phone system messageto deceive customers into believing they have called Central Hudson. The perpetrators of this scam:

1) Call customers and falsely indicate a balance is due and that utility services will be disconnected unless payment is made immediately.

2) Provide the customer a false phone number to call to prevent termination of service.

3) When the customer calls this number, they first hear the copied recording of Central Hudson’s actual phone system greeting, before being connected to a scammer, posing as one of our customer service representatives, who then demands payment.

The perpetrators of this and similar scams often instruct customers to pay using a store-bought debit card or money order. Central Hudson would never demand unusual, specific payment methods like this. Demand for these types of payment is a tell-tale sign of fraud.

Be very careful not to provide these impersonators with any personal information. If you receive a message like this, call Central Hudson’s real customer service numbers at 845-452-2700 or 1-800-527-2714 to determine whether the call came from us.

Please share this warning to protect family and friends.

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