I am proud to publicly endorse the Rhinebeck Together ticket for the village of Rhinebeck Board of Trustees. Scott Cruikshank, Sean Kemp, and Sheri Monaco are the ideal candidates, and I ask that our village residents vote them in on March 15th.


The idea behind their platform, working together without the confines of traditional party lines, is exactly what this village needs to move forward. I am confident that all three of them will bring substance and depth to their roles, and will make the right decisions for this community as we face new challenges and opportunities.


I have known Scott Cruikshank for many years, and have had countless conversations with him about village-related issues. He has always brought acumen, experience, and dedication to his trustee role; his presence on the board is a huge asset to our community. His professional background and his ability to engage others makes him a very successful leader, and we are very fortunate to have someone willing to give so much to ensure that the best interests of Rhinebeck are met.


In addition, I have seen the leadership that Sean Kemp has provided as president of the Rhinebeck Chamber of Commerce, making solid choices to promote economic development for our village, and I know that he, Scott, and Sheri can, together, develop creative solutions to address the changing needs of Rhinebeck.


I am inspired by the “Rhinebeck Together” message and the candidates, and hope that village residents will vote them into office.


Chef Josh Kroner

Terrapin Restaurant


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