Bard Center for Environmental Policy‎Screening: The Hudson: A River At Risk · February 16th 2016

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On Tuesday February 16th at 6pm, Bard Center for Environmental Policy,Environmental and Urban Studies – Bard College, Bard Sustainability Council and Riverkeeper present a screening of three short films collectively titled The Hudson: A RIver at Risk by Jon Bowermaster. Discussion to follow with the filmmaker.

Jon has been making documentary films about water for years and recently played a large role in galvanizing advocacy for New York’s anti-fracking movement with his film Dear Gov. Cuomo and he is now at work on a new film addressing federal policy on the issue called Dear Mr. President.

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Regarding The Hudson: A River at Risk, Jon writes on the, “Specifically we wanted to take a close-up look at three distinct risks: The so-called “bomb trains” carrying a highly explosive gas and oil mix along the riverside from the shale fields of North Dakota to Albany and to Philadelphia; the 50-year-old nuclear power plant at Indian Point, which continues to operate even as its infrastructure ages; and the rebuilding of the Tappan Zee Bridge, currently the largest construction project in North American with a potential to create serious environmental harm if not closely monitored.”
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