Rhinebeck, New York…..As national presidential campaigns intensify, local village leaders Scott Cruikshank, Sean Kemp, and Sheri Monaco today announced the establishment of a brand new party, “Rhinebeck Together”. Cruikshank, Kemp, and Monaco, candidates for positions on the Village of Rhinebeck Board of Trustees (incumbents Cruikshank and Kemp for two-year terms and Monaco for a one-year term), recently formed the new party to pave the way for stronger collaborative relationships, among other improvements they intend to implement for the village.


“Everyone who has the opportunity to live, work, or enjoy the village of Rhinebeck knows that it is unique and special. This community has the character and rich history that we all treasure, but also promises an exciting future with tremendous opportunity for responsible growth, and many improvements that can be made. We wanted our ticket and platform to represent the heart of what we all need to focus on as we move the village forward – putting the needs of Rhinebeck first – working together, no matter what party affiliations or backgrounds people might have, to ensure that we represent the collective voice of a strong, vibrant community well-positioned for ongoing success. ‘Rhinebeck Together’ states exactly what we most want to represent”, says Cruikshank.


“They are the best candidates the community could ask for,” says Bruce Washburn, chairman of the Rhinebeck Republican Committee. The committee endorsed the ticket at the recent Rhinebeck Republican caucus.


“Simply put, we are fully invested in the success of Rhinebeck. We honor the past, celebrate where we are today, but we are focused on working tirelessly to build the foundation for the future of this wonderful village. We hope to earn the support of voters who recognize the power of working together to develop a solid vision for the community, and to make that vision a reality – it is an exciting time and we are all ready to serve in this capacity. We have projects underway that need to be brought to completion, and other areas that need to be addressed – and are excited to bring our energy and backgrounds to the table”, stated Monaco.


“From infrastructure projects like sidewalks and parking to building stronger relationships with the town so that we can address broader issues for our aging population and develop cooperative agreements to reduce expenses, we are ready to deliver serious results for this village,” stated Kemp. “The three of us bring a wealth of expertise and experience to these positions. We are committed to the fiscal responsibility that taxpayers deserve, and are deeply committed to providing our residents with effective leadership.”


For more information, visit rhinebecktogether.com.