Letter to the editor : A Safer Park – Support a Speed Limit at the Thomson-Mazzarella Park

Dear Friends,

Want to alert you to activities at the Thompson-Mazzarella Park, and solicit your support to help keep the park a safe community space.

As you might have noticed, new roads and fields have been installed at the park recently… and more fields and trails are coming.  These enhancements are expected to bring more traffic to the park, and so it is sensible to establish and enforce a speed limit in the park enclosure.

While this initiative may seem like common sense, the road is considered “private” and the Village needs to create code to be able to post limits and enforce them.

A public hearing is scheduled for February 9th at 7pm at the Village Hall to discuss the matter.

While the Park Committee, on which I serve, expects the measure to pass without incident, we would like to show our public support for this initiative.

IF you cannot attend in person, please consider signing the petition to register your support.


Also, please feel free to let me know if you have any interests or concerns about the Park development.  I’d be happy to channel the feedback to our group.


Roger Quon