Village Informational Notice Issued Thursday, January 28, 2016

Village of Rhinebeck Planning Board Agenda

February 2, 2016
Beginning at 7:00 p.m.
Village Hall, 76 East Market St.


Rhinebeck Village Place, LLC and Lysko Lot Line Alteration
42 and 46 West Market St.
Lot Line Alteration Review

Mid Hudson Dvelopment Corp. / Kasnia Property
13 Somers
Front yard setback
Area Variance
Recommendation to ZBA

James Clarke
6520 Springbrook Ave.
Construct a two-family dwelling
Special Permit/Site Plan Review

Brian Curran and Susan Ley
103 East Market St.
Convert existing 2nd floor barn into an accessory dwelling
Rear yard setback and over 25% rule for accessory dwelling
Area Variance
Recommendation to ZBA

Foster’s Coach House
6411 Montgomery St.
Outdoor Music

Board Discussion