Statement from County Executive Molinaro regarding the Public Service Commission’s vote to approve upgraded power lines


Regarding the Public Service Commission’s vote to
approve upgraded power lines

We learned the State Public Service Commission voted to move ahead with an imprudent plan that will undoubtedly have negative consequences for Dutchess County residents and our local municipalities. Over the last several years, I have met with numerous business, civic and environmental leaders and constituents who’ve expressed their displeasure and concern over the proposed transmission lines. The blatant disregard for the dire financial impacts faced by thousands who will be directly affected by this decision is troubling, to say the least. Instead of heeding the interests of our county’s taxpayers, the PSC has masked their actions as a “public policy” decision to justify a “need” for new towers and high-voltage lines that will help relieve electricity rates for the lower Hudson Valley and New York City. The State should redirect its focus on providing an affordable electric supply to consumers and creating a more competitive environment for business. Despite this unpopular decision, we will continue to fight for the residents of Dutchess County to ensure their voices are heard.”