Daily Freeman Reports: Man who drove school bus for Rhinebeck district while his license was revoked faces charges – Rhinebeck Central School District – Transportation Update

RHINEBECK >> A temporary — and unlicensed — Allways East school bus driver who had transported Rhinebeck school district students earlier in the day and for most of the previous week was arrested late Friday morning after driving the bus erratically in the village, police said Tuesday.

Read On: hhttp://www.dailyfreeman.com/general-news/20151117/man-who-drove-school-bus-for-rhinebeck-district-while-his-license-was-revoked-faces-charges



Rhinebeck Central School District – Transportation Update

Rhinebeck Parents,

We wanted to update you on a situation regarding the arrest late Friday of a substitute bus driver for driving with a suspended license. We have pursued the matter further with the Rhinebeck PD, as well as with Allways East management.

As part of that follow-through, we met with a representative of the Rhinebeck PD this morning and confirmed that the driver’s license was suspended for a number of  vehicular violations. In speaking with Allways East management, we have directed that this driver is never to serve as a regular or substitute driver for our school district.  We also have directed Allways East management to provide us with the license number of any substitute drivers before they drive for us on a substitute basis

This plan to close the loophole on the substitute drivers who are needed on occasion will enable us to do our own online Department of Motor Vehicles check on the status of all substitute drivers’ licenses before they get on a bus with our children.

Please be aware that we do have records and clearances for our regular route drivers, but have never before received this information on substitute drivers from any of our previous bus companies, including Allways East. As a double-check, however, we ran all of our current regular drivers’ names and licenses through the DMV database today, and all of them came up with the appropriate DMV clearance.  Our regular drivers continue to have all of the required documentation to drive our children to and from school safely.



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  1. You get what you pay for. I wonder if the Rhinebeck Board of Education ruled to contract busing to the lowest bidder, as they did with bus services for our special education students? I wonder who made the suggestion to them in the first place? Disgusting!

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