Rhinebeck Rotarians Receive Memory Hint


The Rhinebeck Rotary, at a regular meeting at the Beekman Arms on Monday, November 2nd, was taught the rudiments of memorization by specialist Brent Sverdloff. Mr. Sverdloff, author of the 2014 book, How Could I Forget You! A Creative Way to Remember Names and Faces.., gave Rotarians tips on memorizing lists, speeches, and, most importantly, faces and names.

unnamed (10)
PICTURED (left to right) Brent Sverdloff and Rhinebeck Rotary president, David Albahary PHOTO COURTESY of Irving Solero

Mr. Sverdloff emphasized the usefulness of “sequential memory,” which, he said, involves memorization mixed with visual imagery.  He demonstrated using the titles of Academy-Award winning movies, which no one in the room initially remembered, mixed with the familiar layout of the Beekman Arms.

There will be no speaker at the November 9th meeting as it is a regular business meeting.

In other Rotary news, six members of the Rhinebeck club traveled to West Point on November 1st for a Rotary Foundation meeting, at which three awards were given to the Rhinebeck club and its members; and Rotarian Bob Phillips reported that he would be going to the Ivory Coast from November 10th through 19th to help administer inoculations for polio.

The Rhinebeck Rotary Club meets on Mondays at 12:15 pm throughout the year and is a humanitarian organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through various projects locally, nationally, and internationally. Regular club meetings typically feature speakers who cover a variety of human interest topics and for information on becoming a Rotary member, to a reserve a speaker’s spot, or to attend a meeting to hear a specific speaker, please contact Lou Trapani at 845-876-3088, ext. 14.


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