Action Needed by Friday, Nov. 6: Tell the PSC, “Invest in a 21st-century energy system, not outdated and expensive power lines!”

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Your Action Now is Critical

Contact Gov. Cuomo, PSC—new research shows no need for damaging power lines project.

In September, a highly respected energy industry firm—London Economics International—released findings that forecast a steep decline in electric transmission congestion for the Mid and Lower Hudson Valley regions. Its report builds on previous work by physicist Dr. Gidon Eshel that confirms what public and environmental advocates have said all along: There’s no need for 150 miles of expensive and environmentally damaging power lines to be built through New York State.

Now, PSC staff has issued a recommendation to proceed without demonstrating need, instead switching to a vague “public policy” rationale that contradicts other strong, established state policies. Even worse, the staff recommendation calls for eliminating the proposals that the Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition and PSC determined would have the lowest impacts to communities and key resources.

Join us in telling the PSC that new transmission lines are not in the public’s interest! Every voice counts! COMMENTS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, NOV. 6!

SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS ONLINE: Visit the New York State Department of Public Service website or email with the subject line “Comments on Case 13-E-0488.”

SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS BY MAIL: Reference “Case 13-E-0488” in your letter and send it to:

Kathleen H. Burgess
Secretary, Public Service Commission
3 Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12223-1350

SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS BY PHONE: Call the NYS Public Service Commission Opinion Line at 1-800-335-2120.

With your help, we can persuade the PSC to stop these expensive and unnecessary projects.

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