Northern Dutchess Hospital Wellness Event Calendar

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Mind/Body Connection: The Brain Science Behind Meditation
2 PM, Friday, Sept. 25
Cafeteria Conference Room
Northern Dutchess Hospital

Why does meditation work? In this Center for Healthy Aging lecture you will learn about the effect that meditation has on the brain and how this can lead to healing and general well-being. Speakers: clinical social workers John Nathan and Allison Gould.

Straighten Up! How to Prevent Back and Joint Pain
9 PM, Saturday, Oct. 17
Northern Dutchess Hospital Physical Medicine of Hyde Park
11 Crum Elbow Road

If you frequently garden, lift objects or work at a computer, you may be at risk of a musculoskeletal disorder. Learn how ergonomics, or proper posture and body mechanics, applied in the home or workplace, can prevent common aches and pains, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back problems. Speaker: Sarah Beck, Northern Dutchess Hospital physical therapist.

Hospice Care: What, Why and When
2 PM Monday, Oct. 19
Cafeteria Conference Room
Northern Dutchess Hospital

Hospice care can have a positive impact on the lives of people with terminal illnesses and their families. However, its services are largely underutilized. In this Center for Healthy Aging talk, you will learn the “what, where, why, when and how” of hospice care in the Hudson Valley. Speaker: Dr. James Scaduto, NDH hospitalist and Hudson Valley Hospice’s chief medical director.

Fed Up About Food: Film Screening and Q&A
5:30 PM, Tuesday, Oct. 20
Cafeteria Conference Room
Northern Dutchess Hospital

Come watch the award-winning documentary “Fed Up” and hear from nutritionist Roufia Payman as she leads a discussion on the modern-day food industry and what ingredients could be lurking in your dinner. Healthy snacks served. Speaker Roufia Payman, Northern Dutchess Hospital nutritionist.

End-of-Life Doula Training
10 AM  to 4 PM, Tuesday, Oct. 27
Cafeteria Conference Room
Northern Dutchess Hospital

When someone is dying, they want to feel comfortable, pain-free and dignified. As an end-of-life doula, you can help them meet those final wishes. Former oncology and hospice nurse Suzanne B. O’Brien will guide you through the final months of life and teach the skills needed to accompany a person on the end of their life’s journey. Open to all. Cost $15. Fee waivers are available. Speaker: Suzanne B. O’Brien, end-of-life educator.

Health Plan Help: How to Buy Insurance from New York State
5:30 PM, Tuesday, Nov. 3
Cafeteria Conference Room
Northern Dutchess Hospital

If you plan to shop for health insurance from NY State of Health, the state-sponsored marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act, this talk will provide guidance on enrollment, changes to this year’s eligibility and answers to questions you may have. This is for people under age 65. It does not cover Medicare. Speaker: Maternal Infant Services Network insurance counselor.

Art & Alzheimer’s: A Pathway to Connection for Patients and Caregivers
2 PM, Monday, Nov. 16
Cafeteria Conference Room
Northern Dutchess Hospital

Hear from two creative individuals who have brought visual arts programs to people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, using the arts as a pathway to connection. Then make an artwork of your own. Speakers: ElderSparks creator Alan Goldsmith with registered nurse and art docent Marion Power.

More on Migraines: When to Worry, What to Do
5:30 PM Tuesday, Nov. 17
Cafeteria Conference Room
Northern Dutchess Hospital

Got head pain? Migraines are one of the most common complaints in medicine today. Learn when a headache is a migraine, what causes one and tips for coping.
Speaker: Dr. Yul Rapoport, Kingston Neurology.

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