Rhinebeck Democrats nominated a full slate of candidates at their well-attended caucus on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  The approximately 50 attendees gave their unanimous support to:


  • Elizabeth Spinzia Town Supervisor 2 year term
  • Allan Scherr Town Council Member 4 year term
  • Edmond Roberts Town Council Member 4 year term
  • Barry Sherrod Town Highway Superintendent 2 year term
  • Emery Ruger Town Assessor 4 year term
  • William McGann Town Assessor 4 year term
  • Jennifer Mund Town Assessor 2 year term
  • William Sanchez Town Justice 4 year term


Elizabeth Spinzia has served on the Town Board for the past four years, the most recent two years as Supervisor.  In her time on the board, Ms. Spinzia has secured grants and private underwriting for town services and infrastructure support.  


Allan Scherr has served on the Board for the last two years.  He is a retired IBM Fellow and currently serves as the board liaison overseeing the expansion of Thompson Mazzarella Park.


Ed Roberts, a retired high school English teacher, is running for a first term on the Board, having become active in local politics through his work opposing the expansion of large scale mining in Rhinebeck.  


Barry Sherrod is running for a first term as Highway Superintendent to replace Kathy Kinsella, who has decided not to seek a sixth term.   Mr. Sherrod is a local business owner, a former commercial airline pilot, and a retired navy officer.


Assessors Emery Ruger, Bill McGann, and Jennifer Mund, all incumbents, were nominated to run on the Democratic line, as was incumbent Town Justice Will Sanchez.


The caucus also offered their endorsement to Incumbent County Legislator Joel Tyner, representing the towns of Rhinebeck and Clinton, who appears on the November ballot as a result of the district-wide petitioning process.
Elections will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd.  

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