Town of Rhinebeck Cemetery’s Natural Burial Ground certified by the Green Burial Council

The Town of Rhinebeck Cemetery’s Natural Burial Ground has received certification by the Green Burial Council (GBC). Like the Green Building Council that sets standards for LEED certified building, the GBC is the standard bearer for green burial in North America. Burial Grounds are certified at 3 levels, Hybrid, Natural and Conservation. Rhinebeck’s Natural Burial Ground has been certified at 2nd tier “Natural” level.

Natural Burial Grounds require the adoption of practices/protocols that are energy-conserving, minimize waste, and do not require the use of toxic chemicals. A Natural Burial Ground achieves GBC certification by prohibiting the use of vaults (partial, inverted or otherwise), vault lids, concrete boxes, slabs or partitioned liners, and by prohibiting the burial of decedents embalmed with toxic chemicals, as well as by banning burial containers not made from natural/plant derived materials. It must have in place a program of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and be designed, operated and maintained to produce a naturalistic appearance, based on use of plants and materials native to the region, and patterns of landscape derived from and compatible with regional ecosystems.

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