Central Hudson customers SCAM ALERT

We have received SEVERAL recent reports of scammers telling Central Hudson customers that immediate payment – with a money gram or cash – is required immediately to prevent having the customer’s electrical service shut off. The claim is made that this has to do with a vague opt-out program or unpaid meter charges. This is a scam. Central Hudson never requires payment with cash or a money gram. In at least two recent instances the scam perpetrator provided the callback name Richard Wallace and 866-987-0156 as the call back number.

Other scams often demand payment with a store-bought debit card. Pressure tactics and a demand for such specific payment methods are tell-tale signs of fraud.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to represent Central Hudson and you are unsure about that, call us at 845-452-2700 to confirm their identity. If you are pressured to make a payment exclusively with a money gram, cash or store-bought debit card by someone claiming to represent Central Hudson (or other utility services), be very skeptical. If you feel you have been approached by a scammer, alert your local law enforcement agency.

Please share this message to alert friends and family about this scam