Village Informational Notice Issued – Village of Rhinebeck Planning Board Agenda

Village of Rhinebeck Planning Board Agenda
June 16, 2015
Beginning at 7:15 p.m.
Village Hall
76 East Market St.


Serita Winthrop
73 Livingston St.
Rear Yard Deck in HDO
Amended Site Plan Review

Nectar/ Bathrick Property
47 East Market St., Suite 3
Sign Review/Approval

Northwoods Holding Group LLC
20 Garden St.
Propose café in new space
Site Plan Review/Approval

Alfred C. Zitz Lot Line Alteration
44 Chestnut St.
Convert 3 lots into 2 lots
Schedule Public Hearing
Final Lot Line Alteration Review

Rubenstein and DuVall
55 Livingston St.
Renovations in HDO
Site Plan Review

Ronald and Ann Neufeld
13 Cozine Ave.
Accessory Apartment
Special Permit/Site Plan Review

William Durkin
112 East Market St.

Board Discussion

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