Slate Quarry/Bulls Head/Morton Road Forum– Your Input Needed

Join Dutchess County Legislator Joel Tyner (Rhinebeck/Clinton) Thursday, June 25th at 5:30 pm at Rhinebeck Town Hall at 80 East Market Street (12572) for a forum to gather public input and information about County Routes 19 and 85 in Rhinebeck and Clinton (Slate Quarry Road/Bulls Head Road and Morton Road).

Info: ; 845-464-2245; 876-2488


  1. Why bother fixing ANY roads in Rhinebeck if we are gong to allow 80 fully loaded Red Wing trucks loaded with rocks to roll free for the next twenty years. Red Wing will let Rhinebeck Town when it wants new roads. They seem to dictate everything else to us.

  2. Hi Charles– I hear you; believe me I hear you…I’m holding the forum in response to a number of letters to the editor in local newspapers recently on the issue of Slate Quarry/Bulls Head Road– and in response to our county Department of Public Works’ lack of response to my repeated requests for many years for DCDPW to fix County Rt. 85 (Morton Road) by Vanderburgh Cove…The last thing I personally want is to encourage/allow mining expansion on White Schoolhouse Road…Long ago I signed petition here on this: .

    Click here for Facebook event link: ; also to see full letter I sent Friday to our county’s Department of Public Works…


    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    From: Joel Tyner
    Subject: Commissioner Knille (Noel), Deputy Commissioner Balkind (Bob)– re: county roads…

    Date: Jun 12, 2015 7:52 AM

    Hi Commissioner Knille (Noel), Deputy Commissioner Balkind (Bob)…

    As no doubt you are aware by now, suddenly a number of letters to the editor have been published in local newspapers pushing me to address issues surrounding County Route 19 (Slate Quarry Road/Bulls Head Road)– and for many years now folks like Rhinebeck Highway
    Superintendent Kathy Kinsella, Rhinebeck Town Boardmember Allan Scherr, and I have expressed great interest in DCDPW more fully, comprehensively, and effectively addressing issues on County Route 85
    (Morton Road) by Vanderburgh Cove.

    For those two reasons I invite you (and/or a representative of yours) to attend/speak at a forum I’ll be hosting on these local county road issues– Thursday June 25th at 5:30 pm at Rhinebeck Town Hall at 80 East Market Street.

    Please let me know the accident history of County Route 19 (and yes, I ask here again as I did months ago for the accident history of the intersection of River Road and Mt. Rutsen Road in Rhinebeck– before “yield” sign placed there and afterwards).

    Also– could you please let me know which county roads here in Dutchess have had high-friction-surface paving treatment applied and which haven’t (and when high-friction surface pavement has been applied to those county roads)?…(please also let me know of instances where certain sections of high-friction-surface paving treatment were applied on certain portions of county roads but not
    other portions of those same roads).

    And– could you please let me know over the last ten years instances where the final price of a company doing work on a county road came out to be over the price they bid at– and by how much?

    Finally– as I’ve been saying since 1999 when former County Executive Lucille Pattison and I launched the drive on this here in Dutchess (and as the Poughkeepsie Journal has twice editorialized strongly on– see just below)…please work with our county’s Board of Elections and Board of Ethics to make sure that any company, construction firm, or paving corporation that our county’s Department of Public Works does business with is not involved with pay-to-play;
    please make sure that any such firm getting a contract from DCDPW is not making any campaign contributions over $100 to any current county officials or county candidates.

    Two years ago the GOP-led Orange County Legislature passed county-level campaign finance reform to end pay-to-play there; for decades now GOP County Executives in Rockland County have abided by the law there that ended pay-to-play in their county government (passed in Rockland in 1998).

    Click here to view the form that Orange County uses to make sure there is no pay-to-play there:

    Orange Co.:

    Rockland County law ending pay-to-play there: .

    It would behoove Dutchess County government to follow the good examples of Rockland and Orange counties in this regard– and the strong advice of the Poughkeepsie Journal on this as well.


    Joel Tyner
    County Legislator

    1. Joel. Thanks for the heads up on your thoughtful actions in these matters . It seems like a shame to go through all the expense and hard work fixing our roads and then have them destroyed by hundreds of round trips by 8 wheeled trucks filled with massive and heavy rocks.

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