Rhinebeck Reformed Church Food Pantry – (Open Tuesdays from 10 AM-Noon)


Summer Lunch Help Available
for Your Child/ren

Rhinebeck Reformed Church
Food Pantry

(Open Tuesdays from 10 AM-Noon)

Because many of our families are able to use the reduced fee and free lunch programs at our schools from September through June, we want to help during the summer months when the kids are out of school. From July 1 –September 7, 2015, all of our regular pantry families with kids at home during the summer may come to the pantry 2x monthly for extra food to feed your kids.

We ask that you bring an ID of some kind for each child in your household.  This could be a School ID, birth certificate, or some official document with their names.

  • 1st visit of the month-take your regular amount of food
  • 2nd visit take extra food that is specific to providing lunches for your child/children

New Families Are Welcome

All families in the Rhinebeck School District who need extra help providing lunches for your children at home during the summer are welcome to use our pantry. Please bring ID with a current address for yourself and/or other adults in your household, as well as a school ID or some official ID for your child/children.

Questions? Contact the church office at 845-876-3727.