Ruge’s Subaru is hosting a Food Drive throughout June to benefit the Food Pantry at the Church of the Messiah, in Rhinebeck.


WAMC reported last week that demand has increased at Food Pantry’s across New York, but donations are down.

Items in demand include dry & canned food, toiletries, and children’s books.

With kids out of school for the summer break there’s increased pressure on families to supply extra meals.

Ruge’s will be collecting donations in Sales and Service Mon to Fri from 7 to 7 (Sat 8 to 3) until June 30.


Church of the Messiah

Jayne Brooks Food Pantry
Church of the Messiah
Rhinebeck NY

Every Friday 10-1

We are very grateful to the community for its strong support of the Food Pantry and we graciously welcome contributions of time, cash, food and other household necessities on behalf of our clients. We are often asked by donors what goods the Pantry needs most.  While we appreciate whatever our supporters are able to give, there are certain staples that are difficult for us to stock at reasonable cost.  We have listed below some items that are often in short supply.

• Brown rice
• Coffee
• Dried beans
• Cocoa mix
• Pudding mix
• Flour
• Toothpaste
• Bar soap
• Shampoo
• Toilet paper

Plus all of those paper and plastic bags everyone has in their pantry Non-perishable shelf staple foods are the easiest for us to accept from donors, and small to medium sized containers provide us the most flexibility in distributing donated items.

 Food items past their “best buy” dates unfortunately must often be discarded.



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