List-Gallery Red Hook Can ArtPop: Nurture Lover June 5-7 & June 12-14

Nurture Lover photos and video by 99 Hooker at Red Hook Community Arts Network Gallery and Artists Collective
 7516 N. Broadway, Red Hook, NY
June 5-7 & June 12-14 Fridays & Saturdays 12-7, Sundays 12-4
Opening Event, June 6th  5 – 7 pm contact:
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99 Hooker returned to the Hudson Valley in Fall of 2012 and is delighted to have this opportunity to introduce some recent work through ArtPop in Red Hook. In Fall of 2013, he produced the monthly media series “Revisionaries”; at The Capital Region Arts Center where he also taught a cin(e)poem class. He is a head of sales and development for Intersection Arts which among other projects produces the monthly media party “One Step Beyond” at the American Museum of Natural History. In 2014 he founded 8Media which debuted its remixed media programs in March, 2015 at The Filmmaker’s Cooperative (NYC) and Freddy’s (Brooklyn).  8Media will be remixing an expanded gallery version of that show at the Tremaine Gallery (Lakeville, CT) in Spring, 2016. Nurture Lover consists of work done in the last two years and some older material recently remixed. All still photography is from his cell phone. Photography subjects include reshot media, selfies, and Art Lovers. Also featured is selections from “Re:Nude” – a video project which adds the fourth dimension of time to the cubist ambition of representing 3D in a 2D medium.  Re:Nude was produced using multiple cameras synced through two multi-channel switchers, models on a turntable, additional effect processors and post-production including single-frame Photoshop builds.