Rhinebeck Central School District – Chancellor Livingston Elementary School. Moves On to State Round in “Get Moving” Video – Vote for us! – a $1,000 equipment grant as the finalist in our Hudson Valley Zone.

The second stage of the NYS AHPERD (Association for Health, PE, Recreation, and Dance) Get Moving Video Contest Grant is now open for voting.  We are competing with the whole state in this stage.  The voting is only open until Sunday, May 10th.  Voting in this stage can only be done once a day per electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone).  The money available to win in this round of the grant is $2,000, $1,000, or $500.  So vote early and often, once each day through May 10th.

Featured is the same video that won the CLS PE Department a $1,000 equipment grant as the finalist in our Hudson Valley Zone.  Our students were filmed jumping rope to a choreographed musical routine.

The video is now uploaded to the NYS AHPERD official website.  We would appreciate if the Rhinebeck CSD Community again would vote as many times as they can to help our school win the State grant.  Whichever video entry receives the most votes will win the additional equipment grant.  If we win, it will allow us to continue to provide our students in grades K-5 with the most up-to-date, innovative equipment for developing sound bodies and minds through physical education instruction.

Voting for the video grant begins today.

To vote for the CLS video


click on the following link –http://www.nysahperd.org/content/advocacy/StatewideGetMoving.cfm.

Once there, you will need to click on the Chancellor Livingston Elementary School link to view the video.  Then, after watching the video, you will need to vote for the video by clicking the link that says “Please watch the videos and vote for your favorite.”  Anyone and everyone can vote.  Voting is only open until Sunday, May 10th.

Out of town? Remeber our zip code 12572


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