Letter to the editor – Putting power and cable lines underground

Over the time that I have served as a Trustee on the Village Board and on the Town’s Conservation Advisory Board, several people have asked me about the idea of burying power lines. I can’t think of a single thing that we could do that would beautify Rhinebeck and insure that it would retain its charm and its enviable status as a destination point. Putting power and cable lines underground would not only beautify Rhinebeck, but would save a lot of money in maintenance and repair. With the likelihood of severe weather in this area, this is not a minor consideration. We know this is the way to go — that’s why burying power lines is required for all new subdivisions.
Although it certainly won’t be accomplished overnight (Central Hudson actively discourages the idea), I have seen other communities successfully undertake this process. At this point, I am trying to gauge interest. My aim is to create a committee that could begin to explore the benefits, costs, and possibilities.
If you are interested, please contact me.
Gary Kenton