Rural Rhinebeck Neighbors

An association of residents concerned with the proposed increased mining activity along White Schoolhouse Road and its impact on our environment, quality of life and the negative reflection an expansion will have on the rural character of Rhinebeck. Our goal is to inform the community about the issues and work together to stop large scale mining in the area.

Dear Rhinebeck Residents & Businesses:

A Public Hearing will be held on March 9th regarding an Amendment to modify the current Mining Overlay District (Mi-O) and Map to better implement the Rhinebeck Comprehensive Plan that was approved in 2009 that limits mining to existing, active mining.

The current Mi-O and map does not adequately represent the intention of the Comp Plan and needs to be redrawn, as proposed, and available for viewing at Town Hall and on the Facebook page below.  The proposed map is directly derived from the recommendations in the Comp Plan.


Passage of this Amendment will will have a major impact on halting any industrial sized mining expansion in Rhinebeck.


Our Town Board and residents are committed to preserving Rhinebeck’s beauty and rural character and to honoring the town’s Comprehensive Plan which limits mining to “existing mines”.

A Public Hearing will be held on Monday, 3/9 at 6:45 pm before the Board can take a vote to pass this law.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AT THE MEETING.  Please ATTEND the meeting, SPEAK up, STAND up, bring your friends/family & co-workers to support the efforts to preserve Rhinebeck’s rural character & beauty!!

Please email us with any questions and feel free to send letters of support if you cannot make the meeting to our Town Supervisor, Elizabeth Spinzia prior to the meeting date:

Visit Rural Rhinebeck Neighbors on Facebook

Scenic Hudson, the largest environmental group focused on the Hudson River Valley, supports the proposed Amendment.

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