The Rhinebeck Rotary, at a regular meeting at The Beekman Arms on Monday, February 23rd, hosted former Rotarian Mary Beth Cale who, in addition to her public relations business, has just become a certified life coach. “Life coaching,” said Ms. Cale, “is all about becoming excited about what you do and becoming re-connected to your vocation.”


Ms. Cale cited the enthusiasm experienced by children when asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and suggested that the question should be an ongoing one, asked whether one is eight or 80. Ms. Cale also defined “life coaching” as a two-way dialogue between client and coach during which clients are supported, encouraged, and nurtured as they pursue their lives and careers.

unnamed (3)
Courtesy of Sharper Images Photographic (left to right): Mary Beth Cale and Rhinebeck Rotary president, Philip Meltzer


Life coaches, Ms. Cale clarified, ask serious questions of their clients in order to help them focus on the future and not the past and to further help them clarify goals so that an action plan can be developed and pursued. Ms. Cale quoted recent studies from Harvard University which demonstrated increases in productivity of over 200% among employees who engaged in either individual or group coaching.


The Rhinebeck Rotary meets on Mondays at 12:15 pm throughout the year and is a humanitarian organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through various projects locally, nationally, and internationally. Regular club meetings typically feature speakers who cover a variety of human interest topics and for information on becoming a member or to reserve a speaker’s spot at a meeting, please call Lou Trapani at 845-876-3088, ext. 14.


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