Red Hook Barn Raising “Neighbors helping neighbors rebuild”

Tragedy struck this farm in Red Hook, NY in the early morning hours on February 20. Firefighters battled the blaze in sub freezing temperatures. Sadly the 7000+ square ft barn of the Sheehan family was completely destroyed in the fire. Equally tragic an entire herd of 100 goats representing the livelihoods of Larry & Ann Cihanek of Rhinebeck was also destroyed in the blaze. Sadly there was no insurance coverage to cover the losses. Through support of donations and those willing to offer skills, services and materials we can help restore our friends and neighbors lives and livelihoods.3419225_1424446680.1923

Let us come together and show the power of compassion and community to help our neighbors rebuild their lives.
Stay tuned for details of an old fashioned 1-2 day community barn raising event and celebration this summer.
Donations can be made at

 UPDATE APRIL 15th 2015

Looking for someone with masonry skills to help us set new block for the foundation (only 1-2 courses that were damaged in fire and were removed to be put back on top of existing block). Any leads appreciated. We could have an army of volunteers to help out….just need someone with knowledge and expertise to lead the effort. Thanks in advance!